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Home of Hope Alaska was established to provide a place of refuge and safety for adolescent victims of human trafficking. We exist to provide long term care, rehabilitation, and healing for victims of modern-day-slavery and sexual abuse.


Home of Hope was established in 2008 as an organization dedicated to help fight adolescent human trafficking in the U.S. Since it’s inception, the organization has been actively involved in raising public awareness and acquiring adequate facilities to provide long term aftercare. Becoming educated on the issues of human trafficking, as well as the needs of adolescent victims, is also a priority. Additional areas of involvement include: lobbying for Federal and State legislature to create laws that protect minors, participating in local task force efforts, and working with local and federal law enforcement agencies.
In Fall of 2016 we opened our first home, Home of Hope Texas located in Houston Texas. This facility is set on 58 acres complete with 22 beds, school, clinic, dining hall, recreation center, and barn.


Program Goals:

Through an extensive program of care, counseling, medical, therapy and education, our goal is for children to be restored, function in society, and mature into successful adults.


  • Professional counseling
  • Various forms of therapy
  • Medical attention
  • Individual care from trained staff
  • Onsite EED approved education
  • Life skills
  • Abuse awareness and guidance
  • Reunite children with their family if possible
  • College/Career prep

Target Population:

Adolescents between the ages of 8 and 18.



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